Living Abundantly 
According to God's Word

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The most recent teaching is last because they build on one another.

Main Topic


The abundant life,
The greatest secret in the world today,
Why are we destroyed?
Living Abundantly - The Standard
God's Ability, God's Willingness God's Ability Equals His Willingness
Ask, Seek, Knock, Desire Getting our Needs and Desires Parallel
What Is Available What's Available
How to receive the things of God
What to do with after you've got it
Keys to Receiving from God's Word
How to be delivered
Cursing of the fig tree
The Power of Believing
Negative and Positive Believing: Faith vs. Fear
Healing of the man born blind
What removed Peter's fear
Believing- Faith and Fear
All without exception or with distinction
Italics in the King James Version - Is/was
What is the Word of God Profitable for?
How did we get the Word of God?
The Integrity of the Word - I
The Function of the Word:
  Doctrine, Reproof and Correction
The Integrity of God's Word - II
That the Man of God may be perfect
Man's basic spiritual problem
The Integrity of Gods Word - III,
The Purpose of the Word of God
In the beginning was the Word, logos, pros
All Asia heard the Word of God
Casting out of devil spirits
Greater is he that is in you . . .
So mightily grew the Word of God and prevailed
The Word of God Prevails
Chapters, Verses, Center References, Paragraph markings, Chapter headings
"I say unto thee today, . . ." Luke 23
Translations of the Word of God
Punctuation in Acts 21, Paul's Journey to Jerusalem
God will give you revelation first
The Word interprets itself:
 1. In the verse where it is written
  1. In light of their biblical meaning
  2. In harmony with other verses
How the Bible Interprets Itself, In the Verse
2. In the Context
   Scripture Build-Up
     Feeding of the 5000
     Four Crucified with Jesus
How the Scripture Interprets Itself, Scripture Build-Up
     Parable of the sower and the good seed, Matthew 13. How the Scripture Interprets Itself, In Its Context
3. Used Before
    Paul's Thorn in the Flesh
How the Bible Interprets Itself - Used Before
To Whom can  the Word be Written?
The Lord's Prayer, The 10 Commandments
What is written to us?
To Whom the Word is Written
  1. Original Paradise
  2. Patriarchal Administration
  3. Law Administration
  4. Christ Administration
  5. Church of Grace
To Whom the Word is Written - Administrations - Part I
  1. Appearing Administration
  2. Final Paradise or Glory Administration
To Whom the Word is Written - Administrations - Part II
Spirit, Soul and Body - 
   Created, Formed and Made
God created . . .God said
Spirit, Soul and Body - Created, Formed and Made
Eve's deception
The integrity of the Word
". . . Thou Shalt Surely Die"
"Thou Shalt Surely Die,"  what died
Natural Man / Spiritual Man
The Word is spiritual discerned
Who Are You Going to Believe?
Faith / Believing
How to receive faith
The different usages of faith
Faith Cometh by Hearing
The Purpose of Jesus Christ
Partook/Took Part
That We May See and Believe
Seed of our fathers and Our Father
Eternal Life
How to receive seed
Incorruptible Seed
Our Standing and State
In Fellowship and what to do to return and stay there
Fellowship is the secret to a more abundant life
Today's Sacrifice
Standing and State
Remission and Forgiveness of Sin
The Renewed Mind Power in Christ Jesus - The Renewed Mind
Sonship Rights - Part I
  Redeemed, Righteousness, Justified, Sanctified
Power in Christ Jesus - Our Rights as Sons of God - I
Sonship Rights - Part II
  Ministry of Reconciliation, definition of reconciliation
  We are messengers, witnesses, soldiers and workmen
Power in Christ Jesus - Our Rights as Sons of God II
We can affect our countries by standing and believing God. Blessed is the Nation
Prayer in Our Daily Lives
  Different kinds of prayer, when and how to pray.
Prayer In Our Daily Lives
The Five Gift Ministries in the Church Ministries in the Church
What are we speaking? The Words that We Speak
What do our words really do? The Impact of Our Words
Where our words issue from, Renewed Mind Cease Being Enslaved by the Word's of Your Mouth
How can I change my world? Where does the ability and power come from? Change the World You Live In
Redeemed, what it means and why is it important.
Blessings and Curse of the Law
Deuteronomy 28
What am I supposed to do? My To-Do List
How am I going to know God? How am I to live my life? No Substitute
Many of us are distracted and we don't even know it. Distraction
God has removed the wall and veil that separated us from Him making us sons and giving us access to the throne of grace. Our Relationship with God
What is God's view on being happy? We see where the words are used in the Old Testament and getting better idea of being blessed. Happy - Part I
A look at the corresponding word for happy/blessed in the Gospels and New Testament Happy - Part II
A meditation on Philippians 3 regarding Paul. Philippians 3
What you receive from God, definitions of manifestations
pneuma hagion
Ye Shall Receive Power
Receive - lambano, dechomai
Speaking in Tongues
Receive into Manifestation
Common Fears and misconceptions that prevent people from receiving the holy spirit into manifestation. Common Fears or Misconceptions
What is required in order to receive the holy spirit. Qualifications for Receiving the Holy Spirit
What is it to speak in tongues and the benefits from God's Word. Speaking in Tongues Explained
How to speak in tongues. How to Receive into Manifestation
What came on the day of Pentecost, scripture build-up, the comforter. Studies in Acts: What Came on the Day of Pentecost
Who received the holy spirit, where where they, and when Judas Iscariot left. Who Received the Holy Spirit and Where
Expounded on: Fully come, sat, cloven tongues as of fire, significance of  fire Acts 2: The Initial Outpouring
Acts 2 The apostles speak in tongues, Peter speaks boldly, lambano - receive into manifestation They Spoke In Tongues
Ephesians 1 with figures of speech, what has God done and what does that mean for us? What Is the True Reality?
Speak the Word of God upon your life, affirmations. The Words out of My Mouth
Five usages of "judge", God judging, Christ judges, the Word is a judge, man judging, to determine/decide. A Study on the Word "Judge"
A study on Humility from God's perspective. Humility
The spiritual reality.
Who we are and the armor of God in Ephesians.
Our Position in Christ
Our ability to manifest God's power and why would we want to. To Will and to Do the Manifestations of the Holy Spirit
An excerpt from George Müller's Autobiography on giving. The Exciting Life of Stewardship
How do we let God take care of us? How Do I Let God?
The importance of trust, and what we trust in. Trust
God is light, Jesus Christ is the light of the world, it is Christ in Us, we have that light of life within us, and a choice. Christians Should Be Phosphorous
We need to pray for each other. There are fellow Christians that are not able to read what you are reading. Prayer is Needed
Are there some verses that are just hard to accept or do? Since God told me to do something I find difficult to do He must have the solution. Lord: I'm Having a Real Hard Time with that Verse
What does "the joy of the Lord is my strength" really mean? The Joy of the Lord is My Strength
God's gift of holy spirit to us is multifaceted. Only God could be so rich unto us. We are not convinced of His Word because of the intellectual truths and complexities in the Bible but because God works in our lives. A Glimpse at the Gift
God breathed into Adam the breath of life so that He could have a people to bestow His great grace and mercy upon. ... God showed great grace toward man and made a way for us to be redeemed. God has the final say. These bodies may fail but God has given us holy spirit which is eternal life. Death and Life
In times of adversity we hear about people with great courage. We may also be faced with situations in which we must be courageous. A phrase in God's Word comes to mind, "be strong of a good courage." Courage
Communication, whether written, verbal, or in gestures, allows us to know who and what kind of person we are dealing with. Over time we can gather what their intent is and their level of integrity. How can we get to know God? To Know the Author
Some quick points about living from God's Word. Living
What is your operating system? Just like the operating system for your computer you have OMOS (Old Man operating system) or GOS (God's operating system). We come from the factory with OMOS. How can we utilize the GOS? What is Your OS?
It is important to know who you are according to God's Word. Since He has made you His child you have rights and privileges that you need to know about and benefit from. It is also necessary that you know why. Who Do You Think You Are?  
A big part of trusting someone is knowing them. You will then know whether you can trust them or not. The same is true with knowing God, and you can. You can know Him even better than you know your earthly father. Trust II
Remember, God's ways are higher than our ways. We need not fear the adversary for God has put all of his authority and power under Christ's feet. Authority
God's desire has always been to have a relationship with man. In the beginning God talked with Adam and Eve via holy spirit. Because of Jesus Christ we can too. Relationship
David confronts Goliath, a formidable enemy, not with his own strength but by the power of God. Spiritual Warfare 
There are times in our lives that are very very hard.  There can be assaults on our minds, bodies, or situations that put us at the end of our ability to prevail. Despaired Even of Life
All of the influences of the world are designed to make us afraid, distrustful, and even paranoid. How do we combat the forces that are tearing countries, communities, and families apart? Fear